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How We Work

First and foremost, we believe that construction is a team effort. Glazing is just one of many trades that come together to create a successful project. We understand that the project owner, architect, CM/DB/GC, and other trades and suppliers must cooperate and work together to achieve a safe, successful project that is completed on time and in budget.

A successful project is our primary goal and we are eager to collaborate with the rest of the construction team to see the project to completion. Pacific Glazing Contractors is a professional organization that is committed to quality work, to jobsite safety, and to meeting scheduled milestones.


When needed, Pacific Glazing has the experience, resources, and technical expertise to assist with design development. This includes BIM modeling, Value Engineering, and Constructability. Our team members are continually training to stay current with the latest standards, codes, technologies and innovative products in the glazing industry.


At Pacific Glazing, the majority of our projects are fabricated in our own shop utilizing state of the art CNC and automated saw technologies. This allows us to have greater control over production schedules and fabrication quality. Our state of the art equipment and skilled craftsmen ensure that our products delivered to the field are of the highest quality.


At Pacific Glazing we have assembled a field crew consisting of a superintendent, leadmen, journeymen and apprentices, all of which have been carefully selected and trained to provide the highest quality and timely installations possible. Our Union glaziers complete a rigorous four year state certified apprenticeship program that includes classroom training as well as on the job training. We’re very proud of our crew and of the quality of their work. Our superintendent and leadmen assure that our crews maintain this high quality and that they complete the work on schedule.