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With an emphasis on maintaining customer loyalty and applying state-of-the-art technologies to the glazing trade, Pacific Glazing has a long history of being one of California’s premier construction trades employers. We create an exciting work environment focusing on employee skill, professionalism, and innovation.

Pacific Glazing contractors are loyal, energetic, and people of integrity who take pride in a job well done. We are a family owned-and-operated Small Business Enterprise that cares about each project, knowing it reflects on us both as individuals and the company.

Current Job Openings

To apply for a position with Pacific Glazing, email your resume to [email protected]

We are now hiring for the following positions:

Are you a glazing drafter drifting? Are you bored of being given assignment after assignment with no real calling? Are you that AutoCAD wizard who excels in both the people and the project geekery? Then this might be a match!
Pacific Glazing Contractors is searching for that amazing, one-of-a-kind (except for the three we already have) CAD drafter to complete the team.

How You’ll Make a DIFFERENCE:

  • You’ll program our cool machines
  • You’ll recreate the music – update shop drawings to reflect real life construction and constructability
  • You’ll figure out the fastest, most efficient, high-quality product that serves the needs of customers AND is a beautiful thing for our field professionals to install
  • You’ll help our project managers bring projects in On Time, In Budget, Right the First Time with assistance such as take offs and advice.
  • And, you’ll link arms with our fabrication department with real world troubles of quality and accuracy, and ensure project success.

What You’ll Need to WIN:

  • Fluency in AutoCAD
  • Ability to understand structural drawings.
  • Extensive knowledge of system design, including aluminum storefronts, aluminum curtainwall, and various glass systems, and the processes and procedures to fabricate and install same.
  • Ability to identify design issues
  • General awesomeness, leadership, integrity, and the concentration of a Jedi Knight.

Are you that guy or gal who just loves to work with your hands? You love to take a pile of metal and glass, fasteners and break shapes, and make something beautiful? Are you the guys who says, “Hey look!” to anyone who will listen, “We did that! Isn’t it beautiful?” If you’re that guy, read on.

Pacific Glazing Contractors is looking for professional field team members who like to get stuff done. We’re hiring the best in the business to join our teams, our PGC family, to install perfection On Time, In Budget, Right the First Time. We’re not there yet, but we’re making great strides by hiring and training experienced journeymen glaziers who have that something, that fire-in-the-belly, that hunger to be the best. Are you our next hire?

How you’ll make a DIFFERENCE:

  • You’ll install our projects On Time, In Budget, Right the First Time
  • You’ll learn, grow, and develop yourself as a glazier, a leader, and a human
  • You’ll be a part of a team that installs watertight glazing and façade materials with assured quality following manufacturers’ installation instructions
  • You’ll teach and train others what you already know.
  • You’ll come to work every day with your best. You’ll take care of yourself, your team members, and PGC materials and equipment.

What you need to WIN:

  • Commercial glazing experience – Your journeyman’s card or apprenticeship experience and training.
  • A safety record that amazes us
  • Proven personal leadership and teamwork credentials
  • A positive attitude and amazing determination
  • Creativity, wisdom, and grrr in the face of oops, almost, and try again.

Are you looking for a new gig? Are you an experienced project manager familiar with curtain wall, storefronts, building facades, and all things commercial glazing? Are you a capable communicator, a team player, and a fire-in-the-belly kind of person? Let’s chat!

Pacific Glazing Contractors is looking for a skilled project manager to work with our amazing teams. We’ve set the table for team members who are hungry for the right kind of stress, the spring-from-your-bed-each-morning, ready-to-conquer-the-challenge kind of people. Maybe we have a spot for you?

How you’ll make a DIFFERENCE:

  • You’ll manage multiple projects so that they finish On Time, In Budget, and Right the First Time
  • You’ll amaze customers inside and outside the company with your thorough, competent, timely communication
  • You’ll follow our processes happily, creatively, and make them even better using your ninja personal leadership and blackbelt teamwork skills
  • You’ll be a welcome addition to the PGC family

What you need to WIN:

  • A willingness to embrace our culture, our people, and the PGC way
  • General happiness and a positive, can-do attitude
  • 10 years in the commercial glazing industry (more and we’ll throw a party)
  • Technical glazing know-how and tech-savvy wizardry
  • Confidence, humility, vision, charisma, honesty, common sense, and other characteristic amazingness

Are you wandering aimlessly through the commercial glazing world, estimating with no mission or purpose? Has your pencil become dull and your eyes crossed? Are you hungry to make a difference in company that’s making its way in the robust construction economy? Do you have personal charisma, an accurate mind, and the need for speed?
If so, Pacific Glazing Contractors just might be the place for you. We’re hiring excellence, period. We’re looking for an experienced glazing estimator who doesn’t just want to sit behind a desk messing with numbers. We’re looking for a leader.

How you’ll make a DIFFERENCE:

  • You’ll soak in and grasp our sales aims and the company vision.
  • You’ll help us select profitable projects that fit.
  • You’ll fill our schedule with amazing projects, meeting the needs of our staff and schedule.
  • You’ll move the company vision forward.
  • You’ll mentor our newer crop of glazing professionals.

What you need to WIN:

  • A winning personality, under girded with integrity
  • 8 – 10 years’ glazing experience
  • 5 years’ experience estimating glazing projects
  • Vision, charisma, and the ability to lead yourself and others
  • Proven experience with precision, integrity, self-awareness, and teamwork.

Interested in a glazier career?

Per the Glaziers, Architectural Metal, and Glassworkers Local Union 1621 website, a Journeyman Glazier possesses an understanding of math and layout skills, an ability to read shop drawings and blueprints and is trained to feel comfortable with a builder’s level, laser level or the use of today’s most sophisticated power tools to perform their work. Naturally the Glazier is safely at home in or on most scaffoldings, aerial stages, lifts and platforms. Journeyperson status is achieved after completion of a five (5) year- state certified apprenticeship.