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About Pacific Glazing Contractors

We work with the BEST general contractors in the business. By developing relationships with the excellent contractors who we currently work with and others who we see as the best companies to partner with, we’d like to curry private opportunities to bid work and, even better, to negotiate work. Our marketing strategy then is one on one development of relationship with key personnel, using feedback, problem solving, and excellence in our products and services.

Our brand/reputation shouts, “It’s a pleasure to work with us!” We take pride in standing out in our field. Our customers trust us to complete projects on time and in budget. They look to us for creative solutions for the difficulties common to construction. We build a team spirit within, with customers, and with vendors. Integrity drives all our interactions: we avoid surprises and hidden costs. We are not change-order driven. Our customers call us to solve problems. They give us work because we come through and are great to work with.

We are customer service oriented and focused upon building relationships that are based on trust and confidence. We are friendly, engaging, and personable. Our customers know that their concerns are important to us. We answer phone calls and emails in a timely manner. We are loyal to the customers and projects that we already have.