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December 16, 2016

glass contractor in Morgan Hill California

Thank you for all who were able to attend the 2016 Pacific Glazing Contractors Christmas party. We had a lovely time. We missed you if you were unable to attend. From our perspective, the biggest disappointment was with the sound system: It was difficult to hear. So we thought we’d send out our thoughts and awards in a newsletter. So here you go.

This Month's Focus: Recap of the PGC Christmas Party

Mike's Charge: From Here and Beyond

When I look back at this year, I am amazed at what's happened:

  1. We moved.....again! Thanks to eBay, we had to pick up and move our offices across the street, STAT! And we didn't get to move into new office space that was ready, we got to 'camp' in 3 different places while we waited for the new office space to be ready which didn't happen until April. We now occupy twice the amount of space we had last year.
  2. We added to our fabrication equipment; now we have a panel router, a bridge crane, and a bulk SSG caulking apparatus, (and we're expecting more!)
  3. So far, we have booked 23 new projects this year, and there are promises out there for more.

Going into this New Year, we knew that we were facing a $25M backlog, almost double what we had planned for. As a matter of fact, our strategic meeting that we had at the end of last year centered around this very thing: how do we manage this workload?

So what happened? Almost everybody here can attest to the fact that it's been a tough year. Whether it's getting started late on a project, or material coming out wrong, damaged, or incorrectly fabricated. We were working 10 hour days to try to keep up or catch up. It has been a tough year. It's not been rosy. We know it and if we tried to paint it any other way, we'd just be fooling ourselves. Things have got to change. The mojo ain't mojoing.

So how do we get there?

If you look at the entire organization of PGC, from the Top Sales guy to the guy who sweeps the warehouse, this organization could be likened to a body. Our bodies are comprised of toes, fingers, eyes, ears, noses, and brains. Each organ or member is vital to the functioning of the whole; the toes for balancing, the fingers for grasping, and so on. But they are also part of the entire body; the entire body needs each of its parts to function as a whole. The same is true with PGC. The Top Sales guy can't do his job without the support functions of Project Management, Project Engineering, Purchasing, Drafting, Fabrication, and the Field. We all need each other in order for the company to function and be successful. None of us can do our jobs successfully, including myself, without each other. The body can’t function if it’s at war with itself. Our own bodies work well because each of our body parts serves the entire body, making it successful.

What does that look like at PGC?

My mantra for this next year is that our job in the office and shop is to serve the field. We need to make sure that any problems we have with any of our materials are caught before they leave the shop. We want to set our field up for success. We realize, painfully, that we have to stay ahead of the project; the minute we fall behind, we become reactive, not proactive. We need to have processes in place where shop drawings are accurate and can be counted on, purchases of material are thought out, accurate, and on time. Fabrication needs to have time to review the projects, understand them, and have a plan to build them effectively and efficiently. The Field needs to know the complete scope of work and needs to have all the necessary materials, tools, and information necessary to carry this out.

This week I came across this in the book of Philippians, which is in the Bible:

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others (2:3 – 4,NASB).

What does it look like when I set my own interests aside and focus on the interest of everybody else in order for ALL of us to be successful? My challenge to everybody here is to desire, and to participate in, the success of the whole. It's not about me, it's not about you, it's about what can we do to win together. Won't you join me in this as we move into 2017?

Our Heart for the Christmas Party:
  • To say “Thank You”
  • To celebrate our success
  • To share our vision and appreciation withspouses and significant others
  • To celebrate Christmas together
  • To create some mojo – Go team!


It’s been a rough year, and we’ve had some amazing people show up with the Whatever It Takes attitude, again and again. You voted for your peers, so here they are, Pacific Glazing Contractor’s 2016 winners of the Whatever It Takes awards are:

Office: Jenna Lombardi Runner up: Robert Grimmett

Shop: Martin Garcia Runner up: Jonathan Garcia

Field: Matt Danze Runner up: Ron Cooper

Project Award 2016: Ebay
Estimator: Ken Yu
PM: Mike Wells
Leadman: Lonnie Young
Tony Lobato: Leadman
Michela Coyne: Estimating
Steven Wynn: Apprentice

Musical Chair Awards: One thing people learn about Pacific Glazing Contractors is that often, you are asked to change hats, change seats, and change job descriptions. Many of you have done this. But these standing have shown particular adaptability.

  • Michela Coyne
  • Tony Lobato
  • Sal Perez
  • Catherine Rauser
  • Lonnie Young
Elizabeth Near: HR Manager

Rookie of the Year Awards: This year we have many new faces. The following have distinguished themselves by giving outstanding performance with an amazing attitude.

  1. Chris Bruzzone
  2. Eddie Chavez
  3. Daniel Harvey
  4. Austin Miller
  5. Elizabeth Near
  6. Parker Rea
  7. Steven Wynn

Leadership Awards: Any growing company needs leaders to step into leadership and excel in leadership. Many of those already honored are serving as leaders. We’d like to appreciate these standing for their efforts as new leaders or those excelling in leadership. Men, thank you for your service to Pacific Glazing Contractors.

  1. John Barnes
  2. Chuck Gnagy
  3. Anthony Gullo
  4. Andrew Herrera
  5. Mark Taggart
  6. Mike Violette
Eddie Chavez: Project Engineer
Daniel Harvey: Panel Fabrication